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Latest release (7.1.0)

Installer exe 11.5 MB
MSI installer (32-bit) msi 11.3 MB
MSI installer (64-bit) msi 11.5 MB
Portable archive zip 15.6 MB
Installer (Universal) pkg 98.4 MB
Installer (Intel) pkg 53.1 MB
Installer (Apple Silicon) pkg 51.2 MB
Installer (64-bit) deb 15.4 MB
Installer (64-bit ARM) deb 14.5 MB
Installer (64-bit) rpm 21.1 MB
Installer (64-bit ARM) rpm 20.7 MB
Flatpak (64-bit) flatpak 18.4 MB
Flatpak (64-bit ARM) flatpak 17.3 MB
Last updated September 5, 2023
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Weekly downloads:38,352