Getting Started

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System Requirements


NAPS2 works with Windows 7 SP1, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11.
On Windows 7 and earlier, you may need to install the .NET Framework 4.6.2 or later.
The last version of NAPS2 that supports Windows XP (SP3) is 6.1.2.


NAPS2 works with macOS 10.15 or later.


NAPS2 should work with most recent Linux distros, e.g. Ubuntu 18.04 or later. Specifically GTK 3.20+, glibc 2.27+, and libsane are required.

Downloading and Installing

You can download NAPS2 from the download page. There are a few options:




Creating a Profile

To scan with NAPS2, you need to create at least one profile. A profile stores a reference to a particular scanning device, and all the settings used to scan with it.

To create a profile, click the Profiles menu button, then click Add. Type a name for your profile, e.g. "Canon MP495 (color)".

There are two types of drivers: WIA and TWAIN. If you don't know the difference, try WIA. If you encounter problems (e.g. you can't find your device), try TWAIN instead. Once you've selected a driver, click Select Device and select the scanner you want to use.

Once you've selected a device, you can change the settings used to scan.

When you're done, click OK to save your profile. You can then create more profiles if you want, or press Done to go back to the main window.


Once you've created a profile, you can now scan. Click the Scan menu button. If you want to choose a different profile, click the dropdown arrow instead. That's it! If you selected "Use native UI" in your profile, a TWAIN/WIA window will pop up allowing you to scan.

If you want to scan more pages, click the Scan button again.

Organizing Scanned Images

Once you've scanned one or more pages, they will appear as thumbnails in the main window. You can select thumbnails by clicking on them, and use the menu buttons to rotate/flip/reorder/delete them as required. You can also clear all scanned images and start over.


Save PDF

The Save PDF button will prompt you to save your pages as a .pdf file.

Save Images

The Save Images button will prompt you to save your pages as .png, .jpeg, .tiff, or other image file formats.

Email PDF

The Email PDF button lets you start composing an email with a PDF attachment with a single click.

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